The RinkuHaus G-Link allows you to control your garage opener with the flash of your headlights. Works for both Cars and Motorcycles!

We've all been through it. Forgetting where we put the remote or who we lent it to. The frustration of not being able to get in or out of your home when you're running late. Dropping or even running over the remote (yes it really happened and it was expensive to replace). Even remembering to change the batteries. We knew there was a better way.

A Better Garage Door Controller
A Better Garage Door Controller

 The RinkuHaus G-Link gives you the power to operate your garage door with a flash of your head lights! Free yourself from the hassle and dangers of carrying a classic remote opener. Gain the convenience of not needing to search for your remote or losing it altogether. For you motorcycle riders, no more taking off gloves or digging in your pack.

Improved Safety and Security
Improved Safety and Security

The RinkuHaus G-Link provides increased security from theft of the opener to gain access to your home. Recently there have been even more of these home break-ins using the remote. This just happened: KTVU Channel 2 October 15th!  ( With the RinkuHaus G-Link, it becomes part of your car or motorcycle and features rolling code technology to help prevent your signal being stolen by signal snoopers.

Of course it's pretty cool to flash your high beams and make the door open, it's like magic...

Power At Your Fingertips
Power At Your Fingertips

How does it work?

By flashing your high beams, a signal is sent from the G-Link transmitter in your vehicle to a receiver connected to the garage door motor, which then operates the door.

The RinkuHaus G-Link works on any car or motorcycle with a standard 12-volt electrical system.  

No need to search for opener on the visor or take off your motorcycle gloves, just flash your high beams.

The G-Link Standard kit will come pre-programmed to function on 2-flashes. 

To operate, Just flash once and HOLD the last flash!

Works even with gloves on
Works even with gloves on

It's Expandable! 

Not only can you use it for one door or vehicle, the system is easily expandable by just adding more receivers or transmitters.
Operation is simple, you can flash 1-5 times and send 5 different signals to control a multitude of receivers.

Here's an example of what you can do if you had 2 Garage doors with RinkuHaus G-Link Receivers:
  • Flash Once and HOLD Second Flash: Opens or Closes your Main Garage Door
  • Flash Twice and HOLD Third Flash: Opens or Closes your Secondary Garage Door
  • Flash Three times and HOLD Fourth Flash: Opens or Closes Both Main and Secondary Garage Doors Simultaneously.
That's just an example of how you could program the G-Link system to operate. 

You can set it up any way you want for 1-5 flashes.

Say you own a business that has multiple vehicles that access a motorized door or gate, you can install a G-Link transmitter on all those vehicles and just one receiver on the door/gate and all those vehicles can now control it. One receiver can pair with 20 different codes.

Or maybe you have multiple homes (parents home, vacation home, etc.) that have garage doors and you don't want to carry a different remote for each. You can just install a G-Link receiver on each of those doors and use the single transmitter in your car to operate all the doors. You can even set it up so all those doors respond to the same amount of flashes.

2-and-2 Simple Installation 

Installation is just 2-wires to the vehicle's high beam and 2-wires to the back of the garage opener motor (and an AC adapter). 

On the back of your garage door/gate opener motor you have two wires that run to your wall button switch that operates the
door. Just connect the two wires from the Receiver to these two terminals on the garage door motor. Plug in the AC Adapter and that's it.  Check out the video to see how easy it is.

On your vehicle, you will just need to locate the two wires that are connected to one of your high beams. Tap into those two wires with the supplied connectors (no cutting needed) and you are all set.

Design: Form and Function

Will it work with my vehicle / opener?

The Transmitter will work with virtually all cars, trucks, motorcycles, or any vehicle with a 12-volt electrical system. Any vehicle with a high beam that can be activated by pulling on the turn-signal stalk is compatible with this product.
The Receiver is compatible with most garage door and gate openers manufactured from 1983. There are a few models manufactured from 2011-on that may not work, we've compiled a short list of incompatible models, please contact us if you recently purchased a opener in the last few years and we can let you know if it's on our list.

So How Do I Get One?

The RinkuHaus G-Link Starter kit and add-on kits are now available at our special KS price for a limited time only! Help us spread the word so we can keep building cool stuff! We are also looking for dealers and distributors in different locales to join our expanding product line and provide the best possible support for our customers!

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